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Mobiles Applications

Does your company needs an application for smart phone? Do you want to be part of a select group of companies with a mobile application? Solutions Web will quickly turn your idea into a successful mobile application.

Before initiating the development of a mobile application, it is important to understand the business needs. This step consists of evaluating the application’s objectives, identification of key solutions, determination of secondary features so we can add feature at longer term. We will develop a clear plan right from the start to avoid ambushes during and after the development of the application.

Thereafter, our graphics team will offer you a friendly and intuitive interface so that the experience of the application is a piece of cake!

Our development team will then provide you some remarkable quality products that will satisfy your requirements, however complex they are.

Web Applications

Want to improve your business operations and as well to save money and time? The use of web technologies available to you is the ideal solution. A web application is software installed on a server accessible via a web browser. It can quickly become an indispensable tool for the proper functioning of your business, as well, increase your income.

Several companies already use web applications available on the market. However, you could have your own custom built web application to meet your requirements. Whether your idea is simple or complex, our team will provide a quality application. We should not forget that the web application will be a tool you use every day. It is therefore essential for us to meet all your needs.

Our web applications can also have custom made interface and be accessed from smart phones.


You have products to sell or services to offer? Our custom E-Commerce solution will expand your customer base.

Whether you’re launching a new product or want to open a shop on the Internet, you’re a small or large company, we will help you start selling your product on the web. Doing so will help reduce the sale price price and enhance the profit. Why? Because the interactions between the buyer and seller will be very rare.

Using an E-commerce solution and custom a transactional website, you’ll stand out from your competitors. The E-commerce solution we offers is built according to standards. Several popular payment method is use to accommodate more people. In addition, the shipping charges can also be calculated automatically with our custom shipping module from the main shippers.

Please note that E-commerce transactions are held in a secure environment to ensure the safety of your customers.

Design Solutions Web is a company that develops attractive websites, modern-looking and intended for your target audience with a custom design. The design’s main function is to allow your website to stand out from those of your competitors. In addition, with an efficient and functional design, your company will manage to capture the interest of intended audience and you will achieve your goals.

Before starting the creative process, we begin by a market research phase to identify your customers, your competitors and sociodemographic situation of your targeted audience. We develop subsequently several scenarios to help your company stand out and bring its brand to be as profitable as possible.

At Solutions Web, we offer high quality graphic design to make your brand recognizable on the market in which your company works. All this by our outstanding products!

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The Social Media Marketing has been established no so long ago and will last for several years to come since it constitutes a excellent marketing option. Many marketers are constantly evaluating the best methods available to stand out their brand from their competitors.

The statistique as shown that over 80% of comanies use social networks to promote their brands, their services or products. It is therefore beyond doubt that a good marketing plan will help you dramatically increase you visibility.

At Solutions Web, we want to offer you a comprehensive and a detailed plan which will make you presence on social networks a success. This new visibility will help you acquire new customers as well as increasing your sales.

Search Engine Marketing or Sponsored link (SEM)

The Search Engine Marketing consist of buying some dynamic advertisement spaces that will get your website appear among the first on search engines based on somes keywords seach requests made by the user.

For several years, the search engine marketing can quickly generate a large number of hits on websites, making it one of the most populair marketing options for fast result to date. Solutions Web offers a full service for the management of these ads. The team will offer you a choice of keywords that will give you a remarkable number of visits to your site in record time. In addition, you will not have to worry about learning the specialized tools needed to manage as the team will do it for you.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

These days, companies think more in the context of “If I have a website, I am visible and accessible”. We can now say that this is possible! With a well established marketing plan on social media, search engines and optimizing your website on search engines (SEO), it may become a reality. Solution Web is offering you a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service made with some proven success techniques and following standards and norms.

The optimization service offered by Solutions Web is to rank your website among the first results in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Note that we use the standards established by these search engines to reach the goal.

Furthermore, the use of tools and techniques with the latest technology allows a remarkable optimization of your website. Finally, with our bank of results, we will provide you detailed reports of the progress made since the beginning of the optimization campaign.