The Galaxy SIII


Since Samsung is one of the sponsor for the 2012 Olympic Games of London, they have build a new high end smartphone with the most recent innovation by the Korean technology giant!

The Galaxy SIII will have the face recognition that we had previously view on the Galaxy Nexus. The SIII will also be equipped with the Android 4 OS.

The front camera will be very innovative; it will be able to detect if the user is reading an article on the phone and will then prevent the phone from going to the screen saver. The new Samsung phone will have a new user interface design called TouchWiz, which will bring the phone to be more intuitive and more user friendly. That will make it easier for people who is not familiar with this kind of phone.

The digital photo camera will be easier to get in. With a simple movement of the phone, the camera apps will open instantly on the screen. You will now be able to catch moment faster than with the previous versions.

Samsung has included with the SIII a premium subscription to the Dropbox service for free! It will give you a 50 GB storage on the most used file server on the clouds.

The new AllShare Apps from Samsung will be cool also. With is DLNA connectivity, you will be able to share pictures, videos and music everywhere on your Local Area Network, from your phone to your computer or even to your TV.

The Galaxy SIII will also be equipped with a 4.8 inches screen, a digital camera of 8 MP and also a powerfull quad core processor. The phone will be on sale in the summer and will be available in the 2012 Olympic Games of London.